Available courses

Course for the final lab examination of CS2130 on 22, Dec

Course for the final lab examination of CS2130 on Dec, 22

This course has been created for CS2130 DSA LAB Final Exam (17, Dec) Batch2 students.

Course created for CS2130 DSA LAB Final Examination Batch 1 students

Engineering Thermodynamics course for first year BTech students

This is primarily for the proctored exam of MA1020 Supplementary Exam (corresponding to MA1020, Jan -- June 2020, course)

This is primarily for the purpose of enabling proctored exams for MA1010-Supplementary Exams.

This is to test the virtual lab setup in moodle.

Summer course for Physics II - B.Tech 2nd semester course.  

This is a demo course created for faculty and teaching assistants attending the Moodle workshop.

Course on Wire EDM Research

This is a vacation course for reappearing students.

OELP intends to promote exploratory research and development (product/technology) under the supervision of one or more faculty members. The term ‘open ended’ emphasizes that the course does not have a pre-defined syllabus, but the mentor together with the students can define the deliverables and outcomes at the beginning of the course. Such projects will lead to development of soft as well as technical skills. Innovation/tinkering lab facilities can be used to work on such projects. It is desirable that such projects have relevance to industry or societal problems.

B.Tech First Year Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech First Year Computer Science and Engineering

This course is created to conduct the elections for PG Affairs secretary, SAC. 

Btech-All, Semester III (GCE)

Btech-CE, Semester VII (PMP)
Btech-CE, Semester VII (PME)
Mtech-GE, Semester I (PMT)
Mtech-GE, Semester III (PMP)
Btech-CS, Semester V (PMT)
Btech-CS, Semester VII (PMT)

Btech-CS, Semester VII (PMP)

Btech-CS, Semester V,VII (PME)
BTech CS, Semester V &VII (PME)
Mtech-CM, Semester I (PMT)
BTech-CS, Semester VII(PME)
MSc-CY, Semester III (PMP)
Btech-CE, Semester III (PMT)
Btech-ME, Semester III (PMT)
Btech-CS,EE, Semester III (PMT)
Btech-EE, Semester VII (PMP)
Mtech-SOCD, Semester I (PMT)
Btech-CS,EE, Semester V (IDC)
Btech-All, Semester III (HSE)

For PhD, MS and M.Tech

Btech-All, Semester V, VII (GCE)
Btech-All, Semester III (MAE)
Btech-All, Semester III,V,VII (MAE,GCE)
MSc-MA,Mtech-CM,Semester I(PST,PMT)
MSc-MA,Mtech-CM,DS, Semester-I(PST,PMT)
Btech-ME, Semester VII (PMP)
Mtech-MME, Semester III (PMP)
Btech-ME, Semester V,VII (PME)

This is a virtual course to manage the supplementary exams of PoPL. It is only available for students who are writing the supplementary exam.